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Farrah Abraham Shares She’s Found “Peace” on Anniversary of Derek Underwood’s Death

Farrah Abraham is reflecting on her healing journey. 

The Teen Mom alum paid tribute to her late partner Derek Underwood, who is the father to her daughter Sophia, on the 14th anniversary of his death, getting candid about her grief and her path to finding peace. 

“I never thought this day would come,” Farrah captioned the Dec. 28 Instagram post. “After one of the best days of my life, I wanted to share from my healed heart after 14 years of not being able to process a traumatic loss I felt accountability (after sharing my loss and I didn’t know how to heal) publicly during a time on tv, online, in my book and over the years – a very big difference over 14 years of loss.”

The post also includes a series of videos and photos of the reality at Derek’s grave with Sophia, 14, and Derek’s father, Jerry Underwood. Derek died in a car accident in 2008 shortly before Farrah, whose pregnancy journey was documented on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, gave birth to their daughter.

Farrah continued, “I finally got the peace, healing and inner alignment I always dreamt of on my traumatic loss and like many who say to me, ‘I will always miss ____ like you miss Derek.'”

Her message also looked back at the work it took her to get to the place where she felt at peace.

“I stopped the overwhelm, self-doubt, perfectionism as well reaching outward (new relationships, drinking, drugs, sex, over working, making no time for me),” Farrah noted. “I connected with the old lies I came into agreement with over a decade ago and I now came into ‘agreement’ with my current truth, peace and inner alignment of my new ‘agreements’ to myself presently.”

The My Teenage Dream Ended author also addressed her stay at a trauma treatment stay earlier this year, explaining how a 12-step healing process was instrumental in helping her.

“I wish ‘Derek’ could have gone to a 12 step trauma center with me, but I got the opportunity like you can,” she concluded her note. “I think all children should be taught 12 step trauma healing, for all the trauma our world offers- that we’ve lived through. I’ve had chronic depression, anxiety, for way too long and it is healed -it is done.”

The TV personality also mentioned she “will no longer be posting about the loss of a loved one,” she said on her website. “I’m working past negative stimulus’s.”

Source : E Online