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Lana Del Rey says Taylor Swift wanted her to sing more on ‘Midnights’ song

The “Summertime Sadness” singer was featured on “Snow on the Beach” from Swift’s 10th album.

Lana Del Rey revealed the original plan for her special feature on Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, “Midnights.” 

Before the album came out Oct. 21, the “Anti-Hero” singer posted videos on social media to announce each track on “Midnights.” She surprised fans when she shared that Del Rey would be the solo feature on the album for the song “Snow On The Beach.” 

On the airy and serene track, the singer-songwriters harmonize during the chorus as the “Video Games” musician faintly repeats the lyrics “like snow” in the background. Their voices beautifully blended together, but some fans were hoping to hear Del Rey sing her own verse

Del Rey, who just dropped her new single “A&W,” shared more details about the “Snow On The Beach” collaboration and the reason she did not sing more on the track in a recent interview with Billboard

“Well, first of all, I had no idea I was the only feature [on that song],” the 37-year-old told the publication in an article published Feb. 24. 

She added, “Had I known, I would have sung the entire second verse like she wanted.” 

Del Rey explained that as a featured artist she was more concerned about contributing to the song’s production. 

“(Swift) was very adamant that she wanted me to be on the album, and I really liked that song,” she said. “I thought it was nice to be able to bridge that world, since Jack (Antonoff) and I work together and so do Jack and Taylor.”

Swift and Antonoff are credited as co-producers on “Snow On The Beach,” while Del Rey joined as a writer on the track. 

Antonoff, a Grammy-winning producer, worked with Swift on every song on “Midnights.” He has frequently collaborated with Del Rey, including on her 2019 album, “Norman F—ing Rockwell!”

When the “Lavender Haze” singer first revealed to her fans that Del Rey would appear on the fourth track on “Midnights” she gushed about being a longtime fan of the musician. 

Swift shared the news about the feature in an Instagram video Oct. 11 and said she couldn’t stop grinning because she is “a massive fan of Lana Del Rey.” 

Swift then described the song as a simile for “falling in love with someone at the same time as they’re falling in love with you.”

“In this sort of cataclysmic, fated moment where you realize someone feels exactly the same way that you feel at the same moment,” she continued. “You’re kind of looking around thinking, ‘Wait, is this real?’… Kind of like it would be if you were to see snow falling on a beach.”

She complimented the “Young And Beautiful” singer and said, “Lana Del Rey, in my opinion, is one of the best, musical artists ever. The fact that I get to exist at the same time as her is an honor and a privilege and the fact that she would be so generous as to collaborate with us on this song is something I’m going to be grateful for for life.”

“I absolutely love her,” Swift concluded before telling fans how excited she was for them to listen to the song. The lyric video for the song now has 16 million views on YouTube. 

One YouTube user commented on the video, “I’m a diehard Lana stan and I like this song. I can hear Lana’s influence all over this song and Taylor’s own signature and vocal performance was perfect.” 

Another wrote, “Lana didn’t say much but her vocals were still essential to the whole feel of the song.”

A week after its release, “Snow On The Beach” peaked at No. 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and “Midnights” debuted at No. 1 with 1.578 million equivalent album units, the biggest week earnings in almost seven years, according to Billboard

Source : Today