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New Hampshire House Majority Leader Endorses DeSantis

New Hampshire House Republican leader Jason Osborne is throwing his support behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) likely 2024 presidential bid.

In an op-ed for the New Hampshire Journal, Osborne praised DeSantis as a “proven effective leader,” capable of helping Republicans win back many of the suburban voters that defected to Democrats in recent years.

“Governor Ron DeSantis is exactly the candidate America needs in 2024,” Osborne said. “He has the drive and energy to win, record of success to prove it, and the leadership qualities to bring our country together.”

“With DeSantis as our nominee, Republicans can win back the White House, Congress, and state legislatures – continuing the work of making America great again.”

Osborne’s endorsement is a big get for DeSantis, who hasn’t yet launched a presidential campaign but is expected to in the coming weeks. New Hampshire will hold the first Republican presidential primaries of the 2024 election cycle and Osborne’s support could give the Florida governor an early boost in the state.

In his op-ed, Osborne said that DeSantis had proven his ability to appeal, not just to the GOP’s conservative base, but to a broader swath of voters, pointing to his 19-point reelection victory last year.

That brand, Osborne argued, could prove crucial for Republicans in 2024, especially given the GOP’s struggles over the past few election cycles to win over suburban voters, who were turned off by former President Donald Trump’s inflammatory brand of politics.

“In recent years, the Republican party has struggled to connect with suburban voters. However, Governor DeSantis understands the importance of reaching out to these voters and bringing them back into the Republican Party,” Osborne wrote.

“His leadership and record of success in Florida can serve as a model for how Republicans can win back suburban voters across the country. With DeSantis at the helm, the Republican Party can become a true coalition of working-class Americans and suburban voters. To win in 2024, Republicans need such a leader for New Hampshire and for America to rally behind.”

Source: kansascity