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Google is Working On An Apple-like Continuity Feature for Android

A big pull of the Apple ecosystem is how well Apple devices work with each other. The level of integration that exists thanks to something the company calls Continuity is outmatched. We have AirDrop and even more things that seem like black magic, such as using your trackpad and keyboard between devices. Android has made several attempts to create something similar, which is how we’ve ended up with things such as Nearby Share. Still, deeper integration between devices can still exist, and it’s something Google is actively working on. This latest potential addition might be particularly useful if you happen to have multiple Android devices.

As uncovered by Nail Sadykov and published by Mishaal Rahman, Android might soon get the option to link Android devices that share a common Google account. Linking them together might be as simple as heading to Settings → Google → Devices & sharing (once it’s rolled out) and flipping a switch. From then on, these linked devices, whether they’re phones or tablets (and maybe even Chromebooks?), will be more deeply connected with each other, allowing for some advanced cross-device features.

How, exactly? For now, it looks like linked devices will be able to switch calls from one device to the other (as previously covered), and there will also be an “Internet sharing” option. There’s a chance that Google will eventually be adding more features to linked devices, perhaps until it reaches a point where it’s similar to Apple’s Continuity features on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. We might, for one, see an option to copy and paste items in the clipboard from one device to the other. This is, of course, complete speculation, but a man can dream.

This feature is not live yet, and it’s not clear when, or if, it will. It might land as part of Android 14, or it might land a year or two from now, perhaps even as a feature drop.

Source: Android Police