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Family of Missing Georgia Boaters Appeal to Entire East Coast for Help

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) – The families of three missing boaters are not giving up hope, but rather are issuing an all-hands-on deck call to the entire East Coast.

The three men left Georgia in October and haven’t been heard from since.

Coast Guard crews from Elizabeth City, North Carolina have helped in the search for the three missing men, but so far with no luck.

Family members say they’re now taking matters into their own hands, knowing it’s a race against time to find Dalton Conway, Caleb Wilkinson and Tyler Barlow.

The three men never returned to Brunswick, Georgia after a fishing trip on October 14.

“If somebody does see them they need to know that we are looking for them, that they need need to come home. That’s all we can hope for right now is that they’re going to show up,” said Dalton Conway’s sister, Alexis Youngman.

The Coast Guard has searched more than 94,000 square miles, but so far, no sign of them or their boat. The Coast Guard suspended their search last Thursday.

Tyler Barlow’s dad, Chris Barlow, says they have two pilots with photographers on board searching up and down the coast.

“There’s some eddy’s which are just circular currents along North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia,” said Chris Barlow.

Barlow says in addition to searches in the air, searches are being conducted on the ground too.

They also started a Facebook group, called “The Carol Ann Buoy Spotters,” where they’re asking people to post photos from buoy cameras that could give clues to the boaters whereabouts.

They’re asking people who live along the coast of Virginia and North Carolina to be on the lookout for the boat.

“All the signs and data points that we are looking in the right area,” said Barlow. “You know basically as a dad having an emotional you know that it’s my son out there.”

“There’s still hope,” said Tyler’s mom, Kimberly Jones. “We still believe that they’re out there.”

The families are working to raise money to continue the independent searches through an online fundraiserThe families say they are grateful for the community’s support. To donate, you can also text “CAROLANN” to 44-321.

Source: Yahoo