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‘Bunch Of Clowns’: Freshman Democrat Scorches GOP’s ‘Circus’ For Trump

Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) took aim at GOP lawmakers on Saturday after House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) recent Mar-a-Lago visit with former President Donald Trump.

Crockett slammed Republicans after Johnson ― who deemed Trump “dangerous” in 2015 before his recent “all in” endorsement ― met with the GOP front-runner who has echoed Nazi propagandajustified prosecuting his political rivals, and whose public attacks have allegedly led to an onslaught of hate-filled threats against the judge and law clerk in his New York civil fraud trial.

MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez, in an interview with Crockett, noted that Trump has ramped up his attacks on “everyone he thinks is against him” before asking the Democrat about “the message” that the House speaker is sending to Congress.

“Obviously, there is a circus that’s taking place in Congress. We don’t have adults that want to govern,” Crockett said.

“Instead, we have a bunch of clowns that have decided that they want to bend the knee to this twice impeached, 91 indicted ― and I’m going to go ahead and say ― most likely, soon to be found guilty, criminal of one these many cases that he has pending. It is absolutely anti-democratic what we see going on.”

She went on to criticize those who are “doing everything” they can to appease Trump, who she said “literally does not have our benefit at heart.”

“It’s disheartening and I understand why people are frustrated with politics when they see this kind of showmanship taking place.”

Source: Huffpost