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Keke Palmer’s Ex Darius Jackson Alleges She Was the ‘Primary Aggressor’ in Their Relationship

Jackson filed a request with the court to deny Palmer’s request for a restraining order on Monday.

Darius Jackson is defending himself against ex Keke Palmer’s allegations of domestic violence, and leveling his own claims against the actress.

In court documents obtained by ET on Monday, Jackson alleges Palmer was the “primary aggressor” in their relationship.

Jackson is asking the court to deny Palmer’s request for a restraining order and requesting that the court grant the two joint physical custody of their 9-month-old son, Leo.

In the court docs, Jackson claims that Palmer “engaged in abusive behavior” and subjected him to “physical and verbal abuse.”

Jackson details several alleged incidents in which he claims he was physically assaulted and battered by Palmer over the course of their relationship.

Jackson claims in the documents that Palmer “punched” him in the face at a birthday party on Aug. 20, 2021, and allegedly choked and hit him during an altercation on Feb. 28, 2022.

He claims that another altercation occurred on Jan. 20, 2022, in which Palmer allegedly “started punching and hitting me, causing me to drop my phone.” He says he was forced to lock himself in a bathroom. He alleges the “attack that night left several bruises and marks on my body.”

Jackson further alleges that he was repeatedly subjected to verbal abuse, and that Palmer insulted and degraded him while intoxicated.

In November, Palmer was granted temporary sole custody of their infant son, and a temporary restraining order against her ex, following a series of alleged incidents of domestic violence.

Court documents obtained by ET at the time revealed that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge approved Palmer’s motion for a temporary restraining order, ordering Jackson to stay 100 yards away from both Palmer and their infant son until further notice. The court has also prohibited Jackson from having visitation rights with the child during this period.

Palmer claimed in her petition that she ended her relationship with Jackson in October 2023. The couple had been on and off since 2021. 

According to the documents, filed on Nov. 7, Jackson arrived unannounced at Palmer’s residence, demanding to see their son. When Palmer refused, tensions escalated, leading to an alleged physical altercation.

Palmer recounted in her filing that Jackson became aggressive, grabbing at her neck and face, knocking her backward over a couch, and stealing her phone before fleeing the scene. 

This incident is not the first time Palmer has accused Jackson of violent behavior. The actress detailed a previous incident in February 2022, where she claimed Jackson physically assaulted her after becoming jealous over a bikini photo. Security footage screenshots from both incidents were submitted as part of Palmer’s legal plea.

In an emotional declaration to the court, Palmer asserted that the abuse in their relationship was not solely physical but also emotional and manipulative. She expressed concern about Jackson’s jealousy, stating, “So much of Darius’ abuse towards me throughout our relationship was based on his insecurity and jealousy.”

Palmer further highlighted a September 2023 incident where Jackson allegedly became physically rough with their crying son. Palmer intervened to ensure the child’s safety, describing a moment that almost turned into a tug-of-war with the infant. She claimed Jackson hit her in the head before storming out of the room.

Jackson has denied the allegations of abuse and domestic violence.

Shortly after Palmer’s legal filing made headlines, Jackson took to X (formerly Twitter) and posted a photo of him holding his son. He wrote, “I love you, son. See you soon.”

Meanwhile, Jackson took to Instagram last Thursday where he vaguely addressed the legal drama, and said he’s found salvation through being baptized.

“There’s A LOT I can say but not allowed to say. And at this point, don’t even want to say. I will say, however, that God is & will always be your greatest ally,” Jackson wrote, in part. “I have put my trust, patience, timing & entire life onto him so that I can continue to get through the days.”

Source: ET