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‘Winter House’ Sneak Peek: Danielle Olivera Confronts Jordan Emmanuel Over Alex Propson Flirting (Exclusive)

The drama goes down on the season finale of ‘Winter House,’ airing Tuesday on Bravo.

It’s time to send it on Winter House… though Danielle Olivera might be sending it in the wrong direction 

In ET’s exclusive first look, it’s the final night of the Bravo mash-up trip, and everyone’s getting in their last-minute snuggles (Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Katie Flood and Vanderpump Rules Tom Schwartz, though a sleeping Casey Craig makes things a little awkward in Tom’s bed), kitchen dance parties (literally everyone else) and… fights?! At least that’s the case for Summer House star Danielle, who interrupts the impromptu rave to confront Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard star Jordan Emmanuel over her “friend with benefits” on the vacay, Below Deck‘s Alex Propson — but only after observing their “flirty” vibe from across the kitchen island.

Here’s what Danielle sees: Jordan jokingly cries out, “You changed my song!” after Alex takes control of the playlist. He grabs her in a playful embrace, offering emphatic apologies for the indiscretion.

Jordan pulls away as Alex’s affection intensifies, but it’s too late. Danielle’s already in her face. “If you were f**king cool girl you would not always be flirty,” Danielle shouts, as she stands between Jordan and Alex, “and on top of someone who you know is f**king me!”

“I wasn’t flirting with anything!” Jordan fights back, with the whole house now paying attention to what’s unfolding between the roomies. 

“F**k off,” Danielle tells Jordan. 

Watch it all play out here:

“Why don’t you have this conversation with him?” Jordan asks. 

“I have,” Danielle admits.

“Then why are you looking at me?” Jordan pleads.

“Because you should’ve f**king known that I was already having sex with this man,” Danielle replies, as Alex slowly backs out of the room.

“And you still continue to shake your a** in front of him,” Danielle continues to rant. “You are really f**king lucky.”

“You’re f**king lucky,” Jordan tosses back at Danielle. “If you want to bark, I will f**king chew. I will eat you up!”

That’s when Kory Keefer intervenes to break things up, but fans will have to tune into the Winter House season 3 finale on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo to see if he’s successful. A special Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen reunion with the cast airs directly after; both episodes will be available to stream on Peacock starting Wednesday.

Source: ET