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Aaron Carter REAL Cause of Death: Singer Did Not Drown But Suffered This Instead?

Aaron Carter’s family does not believe he got drowned in the bathtub where he was found dead.

Months after Carter was found dead inside his Los Angeles home, his cause of death remains deferred as the authorities continue to look into the case. While waiting for new information, his loved ones broke their silence and insisted that they believe the singer did not die from drowning.

Carter’s fiancée, Melanie Martin, and his mother, Jane Carter, recently shared new information about the “I’m All About You” singer’s condition after he was found.

They told a news outlet that the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office informed them they found no water in his lungs. It rules out drowning as a possible cause of death.

Both Melanie and Jane added that they are still waiting for the toxicology results that would determine what was in the singer’s body and system at the time of his death and whether it contributed to his passing. In addition, the family wants the police to investigate the alleged drug deal that happened the night before his death.

Carter was found in his bathtub by his house helper on Nov. 5 when she tried to check on him and ask him if he wanted coffee. However, she found him in that condition, prompting him to call the authorities.

The Los Angeles Police Department and investigators responded to the scene. Upon seeing his body, police suspected he had been submerged in the bathtub for a long time because of the water’s color and his skin’s condition.

They, however, clarified that no foul play was involved despite receiving the report as a suspicious death.

The authorities collected multiple cans of compressed air in his bathroom and bedroom. Prescription pills were also retrieved from the scene.

Aaron Carter’s Death Was NOT Intentional

Melanie and Jane’s statement emerged after the family dismissed the claims that he had been planning to take his own life for a long time.

Rather than that, Carter was reportedly preparing for holidays as he wanted to spend time with Melanie and their son. He reportedly contacted his family counselor and social worker so he could make himself a better parent.

There was also a rumor claiming Carter died by suicide.

One said, “CW: death, suicide. Just saw that Aaron Carter was found dead this morning, and it looks like it was probably suicide. He was openly bisexual, and the same age as I am now, and a big part of my childhood culture. It’s sad and strange, and I hope he and his family find peace.”

The same claim has since been dismissed.

Source : Music Times